Social Commitments

Human Resource

Organization's key pillars are - Technology, Human Resource & Systems.

Human resource forms the main asset which drives both technology & systems. Bluepeter puts a lot of value in its human capital. The group functions as a cohesive yet progressive competitive performance driven group where its personnel take pride in their work.

Career path of personnel is discussed & defined as the journey progress. Skills are appreciated, relentlessly honed to improve their productivity and efficiency; sustaining the competitive edge.

As part of the bigger picture, Bluepeter takes upon itself to contribute to its society's development and provide for a better tomorrow. For the same, group under takes many such activities for through its charitable wing.

So, goes on, Bluepeter's quest, to bridge the gap between the human resource, society and a productive world class group to achieve win-win situation.


Nature is a beautiful mystery, an indispensable part of the living being. It is every human's duty to do everything in his / her power to preserve it to ensure continuity of the future.

In Bluepeter all the personnel are committed to the mission of a healthier, stable & better environment.

The group actively takes part in improvement processes, reducing waste in any form and educating its people of the latest ways to ensure contributing to the reduction in the carbon footprint.

Bluepeter understands the ongoing nature of this task, impact of environment on world economy, global warming & sustenance of the living creatures including survival of human race.

What Swami Vivekananda said long ago, holds true even now, "ARISE! AWAKE! AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED".