Bluepeter Group core values are – teamwork, ownership, competitiveness, flexibility, self management & customer focus. It is dynamic knowledge based, performance oriented organization with stimulating work environment.

Inspiration and motivation comes from the great role models that the group have had since its inception.

Its Chairman, Mr. B.N.Kaul, founder of the DNA, is a self made man. His life is a story depicting how hard work, honesty, national pride and ethical convictions can lay foundation of a successful business. He ensured that work environment fostered talents, innovation and provided growth opportunities along with profits at a time when such things were align concepts to the industry in India. He still is a man of principles, kind heart & soul with nerves of steel.

Bluepeter Group’s CEO, Mr. A.K.Kaul, is a mirror image of his father yet an individual in his own right with his modern progressive analytical views, logical persistent approach and faith in Karma. He believes quality, transparency, continual improvement, skill and humbleness forms basis business. It’s his relentless pursuit to transforms a dream into reality that has brought Bluepeter to its current success and for him journey to excel still goes on …..

Group has yet another strong pillar in the form of its Director Operations, Ms. Kamal Sharma. She started her career with the group at a very tender age. She made successful inroad for herself in this man dominant industry with her determination, courage, hard work and honesty. She is known in the industry for her faith in basic human principles, aggressive character, never to leave any opportunity to learn and improvise be nationally or internationally.

The third generation of the group is already underway, building further on the beliefs, principles and the DNA of the group, Dr. Alka Kaul, Director HR / QMS. She left a very successful respected profession of medicine, to follow in the foot steps of her father & grandfather. She is mix of old and new, provides a fresh energy and view point contributing to the group’s growth. Like her predecessors she started from below, learning the ropes, being with the people and building her credentials. She believes “When human wishes & plans something, every force in the nature transpires to make it come true”. For her team work, ensuring to be one of the best nationally grown global group in its given fields, bringing pride to the nation is what she aspires to do, a tribute to her family and people.


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